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Re: Hemorrhoids

if you have a thrombosed roid, you can have it taken out in a outpatient office AFTER a day or 2. i highly suggest that. it takes the bulge out and there is NO more pain. I would call around to see what dr can do this 1st. DO NOT go to ER. also refuse any banding as thats the worst pain in the world I heard. lancing the thrombosed vein means they take the part out that sort of died. then it cannot refill. if you do this, put the lidocian cream on before appt, they put a needle in to numb then make a small incision and cut part of the vein out. no stitches. you have a small line that heals on its own. swelling will be gone at that appt tho. (my hubby just had it done & I had one done after tonsilectomy)

I also had a friend have to have major bum surgery for a bunch of roids after her birth. she tried to suck it up for a few days after birth but was bawling and it only got worse. i would NOT suck it up. get help.

you do not need to have firm bowels to get a roid. going often can cause it too. but once its thrombosed, it wont go back in. and yes you can have more after delivery cause you put strain on that area.

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