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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

I lost all my pregnancy weight with B right away and continued to lose more for months after. After K was born I plateaued after the initial "Baby is here!" weight loss until about the time my hair started falling out. It was similar to that after Noah was born.

I gained around 17lbs (due to extreme m/s) with B and he came out over 7lbs, and about 30 with K and N. I gained 40lbs (thanks to pre-e) with R, and about 30 with A. I don't remember my weight loss with them. I seem to make it back around to PP weight eventually so I tried not too worry about it.

Plus, really if you're eating as many calories as you need, you really shouldn't have weight melt right off of you. Part of my issue with B was my [over active] thyroid. Even if you don't have thyroid issues before birth you can have them in the PP period. When they finally figured out what it was I was right inside normal and they refused to treat me because of the side effects. Instead I really had to supplement my caloric intake.

Make sure you're eating healthy, lots of protein (which will help to sustain you) and give it until 9 months. For me the "9 months up, 9 months down" was true.
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