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Re: My chickens aren't laying...

Originally Posted by RJ6Mommy View Post
I have a light in my coop. It is a red heat light that you would use to bood chicks too. It is hooked to the top of the shed ceiling and we have it on from 6am till 7pm. I run an extension cord from my garage also it is weather proof. We have nine hens and get 5 to 8 eggs a day but usually 6 or 7. One of our game birds is nesting and is not laying andour other game bird is not laying much at all so our other full size hens lay almost everyday all seven of them.
I am curious, is there an advantage to having the light on all day?? DH read you want the light on in the wee hours... to allow for 14 hours of light. I was totally against it until we got NO eggs & had to BUY them. I kept thinking about friends/neighbors who were losing hens to predators & how we could do everything "right" allowing it to go all natural to keep them laying as long as possible, & then along comes a predator. I gave in... but am still not keen on the timing of the light.
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