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SOLD - pls move - Rainbow of breathable fleece GADs, LARGE

My son PLed so isn't wearing these Large breathable fleece Green Acre Designs pockets any more. No inserts. I'd love to sell them together for $40ppd; please feel free to make me an offer .

ALL SOLD -- thank you!

As far as condition, they all have various states of elastic. The three on top (red, olive green, and citron) have the loosest leg elastic. But the waists/fronts are okay. On the second row, I've replaced the leg elastic in all of them. The cow print is probably slightly less snug than the rest. The waist/front on the two light blue (on the left) are pretty much shot, and the others are on the way.

The red diaper and the black/cow inner have suedecloth inner; cow print has a faint stain on the suedecloth that I can't seem to photograph -- it won't sun out. The rest of the inners are microfleece. The citron and olive greens have thinner fleece for the outer, probably a day-weight WindPro.
All the snaps are present and functional. I wash in Tide Free and Gentle powder and have not noticed any odor issues or repelling issues.

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