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Re: maternity clothes, baby clothes & children's clothes?

I had two girls and a boy. Gots lots of GN infant stuff for #1 because we didn't find out the gender, then tons of girly stuff after she arrived. Kept all of it for #2, also a girl. She grew 6 to 9 months ahead on her sister's sizing so most of what fit was not seasonally appropriate, had to buy new stuff. Kept it all for #3, who turned out to be a boy and could only wear the GN stuff.

I could have written this exactly. Except we knew our 3rd was a boy so I was able to purge before he came. Very little of what I saved fit our 2nd daughter. I had better luck scoring hand me downs from one of my inlaws with a daughter born in the same season.

I guess I would ask if you have access to lots of garage sales or other secondhand shops to rebuy. And how tight is your budget? If rebuying would be a hardship, even at secondhand prices, then save what you can. If you are able to rebuy, do it. Save a few favorites and get rid of the rest. Gender, size and season will all affect your next little one's ability to wear the clothes.

That said, I kept maternity clothes. I wear a 2x and that size wasn't readily available at any of the secondhand shops. I'm glad I did, but it all fit into a medium sized rubbermaid.
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