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Sold- Alva color snap pockets with double gussets - take remaining 4 for$20 ppd

all sold - Hi, I have 6 lightly used Alva color snaps with double gussets and 6 Diaper Safari pockets. I have had the green and cow Alvas the longest - about 6 months. The other Alvas are about 4 months old. The Diaper Safari pockets are about 3 months old. Pockets aren't my go-to diaper (that's why I'm selling) and these have been part of a large rotation, so none have seen heavy wear. The Alva inserts are a little rougher than the Diaper Safari inserts, and I don't think that they could be called dingy, but they are not as perfectly bright white as brand new. The Diaper Safari inserts look pretty much new, because they were only used a few times each (I started stuffing with flats). The two oldest Alvas have slight pilling of the suedecloth consistent with light use. The others all look nearly new. I will add more detailed pictures later if needed, but here is a shot of the whole lot:

Interior pictures (Alvas):

Inside of Green (oldest Alva):


Pictures are a bit shadowy, but these really are in great condition

Alvas - 2 for $12 ppd; all 6 for $32 ppd. Black and red sold, take remaining 4 for $20 ppd
sold - Diaper Safari - 2 for $18 ppd; all 6 for $50 ppd

Btw, if you are wanting to see feedback on me as a buyer or seller, you can check out my eBay account (penguinande).
Thanks for looking!

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