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Medela Pump in Style Advanced

I have a good condition Medela Pump in Style Advanced (shoulder bag) that I purchased in 2008. I used it through my 2008 baby from 4 months of age to about 10 months, pumping about 1x day/average, then through my 2010 baby from birth-11 months, pumping about 1x day average, and through my 2011 baby from birth to 9 months of age about 1x day/average. Some days I'd pump 4-5 times and then I might go 2-3 weeks before pumping again. I am a SAHM so it was basically used if I was away from baby on an outing, or to increase my supply.

It's still in good condition and works fine but it's not "brand new" condition. I don't intend to include the tubing, valves, shields, bottles, etc...because those should be replaced before you use it. Basically I'm including the pump, adapter, ice pack, and storage bag for the milk.

Asking $20 plus shipping to your home. I will be happy to post pictures later as soon as my phone charges enough to do so. Like I said, it works just fine, and will serve you well!

Please PM me if you have additional questions/concerns/for interest. Only ISO PP right now. <3 Thanks!
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