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Re: Am I terrible because...

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
I am sorry if I offend you with this, but as a mama who has had two births with epidural and two births without...That statement is a bunch of bullarky. It may have been "uncomfortable" for you, but for me, labor and delivery SUCKS. [...] It HURTS. A LOT. It IS suffering for me. It's not media and propaganda brainwashing. It's real genuine pain. And to go along with that...I don't enjoy pregnancy all that much either. The pain of pregnancy, labor and delivery and three of the very top reasons I am not having any more children. Please never tell anyone ever again that labor only hurts because they have been brainwashed by the media.
Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
I hate say this but my labors were excruciatingly painful. For some women it simply is. For others(my mama) it isn't that bad. I totally get wanting pain killer as my labor was the worst pain I have ever had barring the c section recovery. It isn't bad to not want to hurt. Being scared or apprehensive can also accentuate the pain(perhaps this was my problem).
Originally Posted by The Fancy Pansy View Post
I agree with the below poster. I had a natural birth. I did everything "right". My body can't handle it. Just like some people could have a tooth extracted without meds and deal with it fine...everyone's pain threshold and body/circumstance is vastly different.
I sure it does hurt for some people no matter what. But if you go in thinking its going to hurt there is just about no way in hell what it isn't. That is more my point. I like to try to tell people that it doesn't hurt for everyone, so maybe it won't for you. I don't think people who have experienced this say it enough. I will never say it's easy.

Originally Posted by NutMeg4189 View Post
I also have to disagree with this. I was given pitocin after hours of my water breaking and leaking. Nothing was happening and then all the sudden I was in excruciating pain. It was not something that society told me to feel. I barely knew what pitocin was at that point in my life. It was serious, real pain.
Things didn't go prefect for me either, I pushed for 3hrs and got an episiotomy that was later extended (now those hurt like hell) cause he was stuck. I did get pitocin at the end it scared me but they said my contractions were back to 5 min apart (I had no concept of time). I think it just put things back on track in my situation and he was born soon after.

Like I said it is very hard work. I guess I was lucky that the whole labor was just under 24 hours, vrs days that the poster above mentioned.

Like everything with having and raising children its all personal decision and are many strong opinions. I don't think the OP is wrong for wanting to goto a hospital and have an epi, I'm sure that is right for some people. I agree with the poster that mentioned going to the hospital and trying to do it without, knowing its an option if needed.

I believe that people in the US believe labor is going to hurt no matter what. I don't think that should be a fact. It may hurt but, in my opinion, it's not a guarantee.
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