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med dream-eze, one-size snickelfritz, and others

I have 6 medium dream-eze fitteds. the yellow and white are the oldest style, and the 2 green are the newer style. The older ones are cut smaller, and are obviously showing more wear, but are still very absorbent and the elastic still has some stretch to it. The two green have some bleach discoloration, but still have good elastic, working snaps, and work great. These diapers are incredibly absorbent.
asking $35ppd for all 6 of these.

I also have 2 small girly fitteds, a snickelfritz one-size with doubler, and a diaper that is more like an aio since it has a fleece outer, but it needs pins for closing so I often used a cover over it.
asking $7ppd each for the girly fitteds, $13ppd for the snickelfritz, and $8ppd for the aio/fleece fitted.
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