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Re: The baby dropped!!!!

Sounds like your dates could be off a bit. Have you had an ultrasound? When they did the sonogram, what was your baby's gestational age measurment? Not that ultrasounds are entirely accurate, but if you actually about a month ahead of your dates I would think that would be reflected in the baby's size.

Dropping can happen earlier or later than "average" (36 weeks) in moms who already have one or two children. It may just be an indicator that your body is getting ready and that you will deliver a little on the early side, rather than late. As far as the pain, I would think that as long as it doesn't persist, it isn't anything to be too concerned with. Of course I can't speak from much experience, seeing I dropped with this baby and didn't even realize it! I still don't have any of the pain/pressure that I hear women talk about.
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