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Re: Not loving breastfeeding :(

I had the same problem and almost gave up nursing!Sometimes I would get so frustrated that I would had off DS and go pump so DH could bottle. Turned out if was gas and I wasn't burping him enough. I found that DS got fussy whenever I had beer. Around that time I was having a beer with dinner most nights and a few days after my pack ran out DS was fine. About a month later I went out with some friends and had a couple beers and the next couple of days we had the same problem.

I totally remember how frustrating it was so I feel your pain just try to remember that it's bc there's something wrong and it's not the baby's fault. If it gets to be too much pump some milk so someone else can handle a couple feedings and try tweaking your diet. I would also stop with the fenogreek if you don't have supply issues bc it sounds like it has only made things worse.
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