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Re: S/O kids hair

Would you let your child:

Have long hair (boy) yep, he's growing it out right now and wants his shoulder length
Have short hair (girl) sure, but my girls like their hair long
Have no hair? yes, but I would discourage it only because I don't like it
Have blue hair? yes, my girls died a strip of their hair pink with kool-aid. DS's school wouldn't allow a color for their hair, so it would have to be done during the summer if he wanted it.
Have a mohawk? yes, he had a faux hawk for a little while but it was a pain for me to fix all the time so we let it grow on out.
Have dreads? Yes, but I would discourage it and I wouldn't help them dread it.
Have a mullet? No to this one...that's got to be the worst hairstyle ever (mullet and rat tails)
I have always let my kids decide how they want their hair. DD 11 wants to dye her hair brown (with a box kit) and I've told her 100 times that it's going to look bad when it starts to grow out, but she wants to do it I'm letting her. She understands. And ODD is getting her hair cut in a style that I do not like, but's her hair and it's her choice.
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