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Thanks so much for all of the info. I had never even heard of hemp milk.
At the store the coconut almond rice and hemp were on the same shelf so it was easy to compare. Hands down the hemp milk just had more everything, including like someone mentioned about fats.
I bought some goats milk too, just pasteurized that's all that was available there. I gave ds 1/2 oz and the next two hours he had horrible wet burps and then really bad smelly gas for a while after. So I put that away and gave him an oz of hemp later in the afternoon and he did fine with it. Had it his bedtime bottle and did not have the same gas that he has been having with the soy formula. There was still a fair amount of fussing and clinginess I'm sure it's going to take him a few days of feeling ok before he relaxes again
I'll have him go through the boxes I bought (he's drinking the unsweetened vanilla) and see how he's doing.
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