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Is this an ammonia issue? Help!

Hi All. I am a newbie and have only been cding part time to get the hang of it, and until I finish my stash. I bought a few 'like new' diapers on diaperswappers, and a few new. Washed in rockin green and air dryed, they all smelled pretty good but a few have a lingering smell in the background. Specifically one like new (and it really does look like new) Bg 4.0 and some used babykicks hemp inserts.

Well the problem is after using that like new diaper/and or the hemp inserts I can barely walk in the room the smell is so bad. I was worried that's just how diapers smelled after 12 hours, but when I used a new bg and inserts there is no smell.

So long story short I re-washed (hemp seperate) in rocking green, hot water, pre rinse and extra rinse, and added vinegar to the hemp. Crossed my fingers that would work, but the same strong smell after using. Any ideas? thanks so much.
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