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Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??

Definately have a home system and and out of the house system.

As for wool we are allergic so I can not use it but it does get annoying esp if you have so many (we tried it for 2 in cloth). Interlock wool was a lot easier though bc I actually put that throught the washer.

I would maybe hang on to some wool and then maybe sell the peices you know you will not use.

Pfs and flats are awesome for home. I just purchased 12 md and 12 sm diaper rite prefolds and 2 dz flats. We use flips and econobums.

I think whs would be good if you could do coverless but I know alot of people say you can not go coverless in those. I would at least in the yard.

For my NB due in April I have 18 NB AIOs, 24 flats, 6 fitteds, 5 covers. I think I went overboard on the AIOs though. The flats will just carry me over until pling.

I hate sposies and I hate throwing things away--or buying things I know I will throw away. So for me the AIOs for out of the house and easy use for dh and maybe sisters was key bc I never want to use sposies again.
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