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Re: Beware of Babyland & other "China" eBay nappies

Originally Posted by axelscarlet View Post
Thanks for info! I too diapered awhile back and now pregnant with #2 (had to wait for things to "second chance" in my life) I remember how I used to scour the backs of mags like Mothering to find natural and organic diapers. I used wool biobottoms and nikky as well and had to special order diapers I think from Ecobaby that were unbleached flannel with terry in the inside middle, and a couple I loved for nite that were terry on one sied, flannel on the other. SO hard to find anything like that now! I sold my wool covers a few years ago when a store owner friend convinced me I would want all the new styles the next time around. Well, what do you think I am looking for on this site and eBay? Yep, nikky and biobottoms. I did save some of the flannel dipes; I have to build a stash and my friend can sell me organic prefolds for wholesale. I wanted to find some terry/flannel and found some on cottonwood baby website, and am going to try some used cloth-eez (green mountain diapers) too. But my mainstay covers are those wool covers! I plan to try the pull on like aristocrats for night. And I love the snappies! Those are new to me. I did buy a babyland off ebay and thought right away must be too good to be true. We'll see. It was just for fun. Thinking of trying flats this time too, for newborn especially. Seems like diapers weren't really SIZED way back, I mean, I had the one stash of 48 I used the whole time. Now you see all the sizes, which has been confusing to an old timer like me. Looking forward to doing this again, and will keep looking for the oldies but goodies!! But trying a few things differently too.
some of the new stuff is great too though! GroVia has a new wool soaker that is really the biggest company to bring on a line of wool and fitteds that I know of... now their Kiwi Pie fitteds are made of a new fabric in the industry, modal, blended with cotton but it is really nice.
I've never bought any wool from them but Sustainablebabyish / Sloomb has a reputation for really nice wool too. There are a lot of nice fitteds and prefolds out there too! A lot of the fabrics now are blends, with either hemp, bamboo, or now GroVia's modal, because those fibers are more hydroscopic than cotton alone, so you get the absorbency with less bulk, and less bulk also means they are easier to clean.

Yes, there are cheap, junky diapers out there. They are not all that's there though. There are also AMAZINGLY beautiful diapers out there, and don't regret letting go of things in the past, wool, fitteds, prefolds, flats are all alive and well!
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