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Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??

Honestly I would just go with one thing like padfolded flats in Flips or trifolded prefolds, not both. When yi you are really busy with a household full of kids, the last thing you need is diaper clutter or stress. I know for us flats would work best in that situation because of less sizes to store, trimness (meaning it is easier to buy clothes) and because washing is so low fuss. Honestly folding up a couple dozen padfolded flats is no big deal and would leave plenty of room for plenty of extra flips so you don't run out and you have extras for the diaper bag, etc. If you are really worried that folding will be too overwhelming, then you could always choose sized prefolds instead of flats. I am planning on going with Flips and padfolding the new organic flats for my 18mo and sticking with only that because otherwise it really is too much. I totally understand not wanting to use disposables but prefering how easy they are. Another option I might recommend would be something easy like BGEs, I would probably go that way myself if I had the $.
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