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Biting and scratching toddler again!!

OK, I asked about what to do on the last board and I have been staying and watching my 2 year old son when he goes to nursery and when he is around other children. But even when I am there, unless I don't take my eyes off him at all even for a second (literally) he scratches or bites one of the other kids!! I have tried everything to get him to stop. Today at church in the nursery he scratched one boy on the face with both hands and left 3 bloody fingernail marks and then bit another boy on the hand and left a small blood mark. This is with 4 adults in the nursery!! He gives no warning or angry fit or anything to show that he is going to do it. This is rediculous and embarressing!! I don't know what to do. The mothers were very accepting and said it was just a stage, but I think it is still not fair that their children have to be mutilated! This must stop and is beyond a "stage" when he is drawing blood. I'm trying to decide if I want to stop taking him to church at all or keep him separate or what. Any suggestions? I need something more than just waiting out a stage at this point.
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