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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
Did you resist??? o_O

Just when I thought that I couldn't like Mark Sisson more...
Originally Posted by BNC View Post
Skatha89.....we eat mainly fruit and hard boiled eggs for breakfast...both take very little prep. Lunch I usually have leftovers and salad. The only meal I really need to prep is dinner....I generally buy in bulk and as I'm separating it, I add a marinade before I freeze it. That way all I have to do is defrost it.

I've been really really bad the last week, lol! And the funny thing is I have lost nearly 5lbs even though I have had grain and a good amount of splenda. I have less energy though...I need to get back on the band wagon.
nicely done on the loss!! I've recently started watching carbs, while staying paleo-esk, and I'm dropping pounds WAY faster than I was before! Yeah Baby!
Originally Posted by MarieSeeking View Post
I am going to a Paleo Super Bowl party! One less bullet to dodge...

I think I'm taking these...
GENIUS. Pure Genius. I love this idea!
Originally Posted by MarieSeeking View Post
See, I hate mustardy things so I've ALWAYS not liked regular deviled eggs. These have me excited and I'm definitely sprinkling bacon on them. Yum.

Isn't bacon a separate paleo food group? Make sure you have meat, veggies, and bacon at every meal. ;-)
I think it must be! good grief!
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