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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by Skatha89 View Post
May I join you ladies? I'm eating GF at the moment and thought what the heck, might as well cut out most grains and get a few Paleo cookbooks. I'm attempting my first Paleo meal plan for next week and would love ideas for prep ahead breakfast/lunch/snacks and dinner ideas!
Hi! That's kinda how I ended up eating mostly paleo as well, toyed with GF for awhile and then thought - why not?

ideas? We love easy for breakfast mostly, fruit, smoothies, raw veggies in ranch , bacon and eggs, but sometimes we do banana pancakes - I love them! Just an egg and a banana, whip it up and fry it like a pancake, reminds me of crepes. Only we do them really small so they're bite size almost. They cook faster that way! Sooo tasty and sweet! They don't even need honey or maple syrup ;-)

lunch? sauteed veggies has been my go-to lately. sometimes with chicken thighs. Or bacon. Or just a buffet of fruits and veggies. Maybe nitrate free deli ham - DD loves that stuff. ha!

snacks - we made plantain brownies today. OH goodness they were good! and if we had gotten even fancier I would have whipped up frozen bananas, it tastes *just* like ice cream. I LOVE it! hmmmm, might even go make that right now.... there's some brownies left.....

make ahead dinner? Crockpot!! Stew, etc. I'm not a big soup-eater, but I like stew. Pork, veggies = yum. and you can freeze it so easily too.

eta: I juice almost everyday as well lately, so that's often breakfast. snacks we also do "ants on a log" (raisins and pb on celery) and clementines. I guess I didn't really answer your question for "make ahead" stuff much tho! Sorry! I'm not good at making ahead, I just want "make it fast". someday!
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