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Re: Shipping Concerns

I am seeing a number of packages NOT being scanned in at delivery.

Ask in paypal for the number to her local PO and let her know you will call them. Be sure to post the DC in paypal so they can see you DID ship it. Ask paypal to allow more time before they decide something because it did ship and you have been trying to get the PO to work with you. Let paypal know you do not want to accuse her of scamming and you hope the package is just held up for a bit, but will be describing the package at her local PO because you have heard that DC is not always updating and it seems there is a rise in people claiming items did not arrive when they see they didn't update.

I'd probably mention too that it has only been 5 business days since item was shipped and at five days the post office won't even investigate normally as to where a package is.
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