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After 3 months...ready to give up...

Tonight may have been the last straw for cloth diapering.

I started out with cloth diaper trials when my son was 1 month old, and found out what I did and did not like.
Like: snaps, stay dry, AIOs
Dislikes: aplix, unstuffing pockets after poops, horrible at folding prefolds with snappis

I bought a bunch of diapers that I thought would work for us based on that trial, and found out:
Dislike: microfiber soakers, single row of snaps, rise snaps that come undone

I also discovered stuff about my baby:
Big thighs, big belly, short rise, no butt, no waist, and reflux!

The reflux has become a big deal. He can no longer wear diapers with a double row of snaps because the stiffness aggravates his reflux when he sits up. The rise has to be ultra low, and preferably elastic in the front. He never spits up in disposables...always spits up in cloth.

With the help of this forum, I decided to purchase some green acre design, applecheeks, amp diapers, and also some bamboo soakers. Well, I received the GADs, prepped them, and for some reason or another, pee started dripping from his legs. Maybe I put them on wrong? Maybe he became a super soaker all of a sudden? And so I put on another diaper on him (one with double row of snaps and no elastic in the waist, set on the lowest rise), and he subsequently upchucked his meal onto his 4th outfit of the day. So that was the last straw...

I've learned a lot through this journey, but I am about to give up. I have a package of bamboo inserts/prefolds/flats and applecheeks and amps on the way. If those aren't perfect, I am going to try to sell everything and recoup as much as I can. I feel like I wasted a lot of time and my son happily resides in his disposables...sigh....
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