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Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??

I hear ya!! I have had 8 babies in cloth and with the last 2 or so I have sold all my stash and re-purchased twice. What I a doing right now (because $$ wise I really need to keep using cloth) - I am using fleece only not wool, that eliminates the lanolising, drying etc. I have prefolds and fitteds which I use under the fleece. Then I have about 6 aio's for out and about and when I am too busy/lazy to do prefolds and it's working a lot better for me atm.
What I have found is that every single time my stash gets too varied, too complicated I have the desire to quit, so I spend a lot of time viewing "plain jane stash" and mimimal stash, threads to keep me on track.
I still use sposies some nights but I am trying to find something easy and failproof for nights so I can go 100% cloth.
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