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Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post
Just curious, since it has been mentioned that she "might not have a choice" in terms of a hep lock or eating/drinking there actually any way they can enforce that? I mean, if I show up and say "nope, no thanks" to the heplock and pull out some gatorade and pretzels, what would they do?
Since I have a milk protein allergy, I would probably have to bring my own foods since I'm afraid of what foods they have for it

Thanks for the tips! I didn't know that my tone came off mean sounding. I'm usually laid back. So I'll change my plan to short and sweet and to the point.

After someone mentioned a doula, I decided to research it and I definitely will get one.

I researched some more and decided I'm willing to sacrifice a water birth and go ahead and do it at Anne Arundel. Because I can have a midwife and they are pro natural births. I'll be going there for a tour beforehand. My insurance won't cover any home births/ birth centers so this would be second best.
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