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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

Hospitals really aren't the enemy, they aren't some big scary monster waiting to tie you down and force you to labor on your back strung up on meds ( anymore!!). I would find out what your hospital actually does in terms of all of those, and then re-write accordingly. Make a detailed list for your H, so he knows what you want and can advocate for you in case you can't, and make a separate list for your nurses, nothing that includes standard procedure. It could be like, please don't offer me meds, after the babe is born I want to delay newborn procedures for immediate tummy time and I want to catch the babe. Please let my H announce the gender. Stuff that in the moment could be hard to say, and that if you told one crew wouldn't be passed to the next crew. Keep it simple and people will be more likely to read it positively
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