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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

I was talking to a friend who had her son young. She wasn't really mature yet. I asked when she first left him to go out (to the bar) She told me he was almost two months when she first went out, but he wasn't breastfed so it was fine leaving him (she left him at home with his father, so I'm not trying to criticize her.) I guess some people choose not to breastfeed so that they won't be tied to their baby and so they'll have the freedom to leave the child.

I also know someone who chose not to breastfeed because she was taking methadone.

My mother wanted to breastfeed but was told she couldn't because she had epilepsy and was on medication.

I had a breast reduction surgery. I was still determined to breastfeed even though I was warned I might not be able to at all. I was lucky and am still breastfeeding at ten months (with a little bump in the road where I had to supplement due to low supply)
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