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Re: The baby dropped!!!!

Well, I'm 34 wks. and my baby has definately "dropped" already, but my midwife doesn't seem worried about me delivering early. And as for the pain, I wonder if maybe the baby didn't turn over or something like that. I know when I dropped b/c my pelvis started feeling achy and I was walking kinda funny since I now have a baby head between my legs! LOL! But I had pain like you are talking about a few days ago and I really think that he was moving and turning himself completely over b/c he had been hanging out on my left side and now he's one the right and I tend to have posterior babies, so I think he's sunny-side-up now. Anyway, he hit a few nerves in doing it and I had a lot of sharp pains and stuck in funny positions like you said. Good luck! Hope that whenever your little one decides to make an appearance all goes well!
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