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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by MakingHome View Post
I don't understand why or how someone would decide NOT to breast feed (even while pregnant, I mean). It makes me sad. It seems like so many women are giving up early or just never starting to begin with. Nursing has been such and important and wonderful part of having and caring for our five children, and I'm looking forward to breast feeding my new little guy, due in 19 days.

Do you have friends or relatives who have decided in advance NOT to breašfeed? What were their reasons? I do know that some women who have had breast alterations sometimes can't nurse but aside from a true physical inability, why wouldn't a gal at least try it and see?
Um, because they don't WANT to?!?! That's a 100% perfectly valid reason. Formula is NOT rat poison. Its food. And it's even GOOD food, it's not like a mom who chooses not to BF is shoving twinkies down a newborn's throat. (no offense to twinkies, they are very tasty but it's for sure not a good for you food.)

I have a thread on here about BFing my 4th. We have had problems, I have spent the last week pumping and taking pills and nursing while walking and fighting baby to get him back to the boob...because I want to and because BFing is free (well, if you don't count the cost of the fenugreek and the blessed thistle or the pump or pump supplies....yeah, cheaper but not so free.) Obviously I want to BF my little one, if you read through the thread you see how I really fought for it.

BUT, my first, I CHOSE to FF from birth. Not cause I wasn't informed, not cause I was selfish, not cause I wanted to abandon my baby to someone else's care, but because I didn't want to. I could go into the whole schpeal about how I was a single parent, working and going to school full time, but ultimately, if I wanted to BF I would have. I didn't want to. Plain and simple. It's not up to you to be sad for my now 17 yr old. Who is in honors classes in high school, taking AP classes next year, not overweight, doesn't have allergies, is rarely sick and generally proves that formula isn't going to doom anyone to any sort of terrible life.

Yeah, these threads irritate me and yeah I know you never said anything about formula being awful etc etc. But that's ALWAYS the underlying current to these threads and so that's what I am addressing.
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