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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by MakingHome View Post
This thread is not about judgment, which is interesting because I think you came out of the gates judging me.

In the cases you mention though, those are unknowable until you try. KWIM? Having PPD or having a crazy rough time (btw I had a NICU baby and painful cracked bleeding mastitis for over a month the first time so believe you me it wasn't "rainbows and unicorns" here either ), wouldn't be known until you've at least *tried*. See what I'm saying? I'm asking about women who decide -in advance- not to even try.
Whether you intended it to be about judgement or not, that is the way it sounds from the get go IMO. I tried with my first ( I have severely inverted nipples) and we did everything the lc could think of and it never worked. I was stressed and depressed for the 2 weeks we tried. I decided before having my second I was not going through that again, my sanity is more important than looking good in someone elses eyes. (Stupidly, I did try again, same results). These threads always hit a nerve with me because you make people feel ashamed for choosing what they feel is best for their child and their family based on your personal opinion.
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