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Originally Posted by QuartzandPyrite
I used some fitteds over the summer when my little man was running around in just a dipe all day. I never used a cover with them until recently, and I always wondered why spend so much money on an adorable diaper that you have to cover? Fitteds like Sandys and Workhorse make way more sense to me, and I prefer snapless under a cover to reduce bulk. But they are easy to put on, contain messes well, and give you a lot of mileage for your cover. I am stocking up on workhorses for my new baby in the small sizes to cover her EBF stage and taking it from there. For my son I use prefolds or contours under covers and pockets or AIOs when we are out and about. I definitely get crushes on fitteds because they tend to be so freaking cute, but I talk myself down because I just prefer other styles for functionality.
I'm leaning this way too. I really like my WHs & contours!! Fitteds are so cute, but I just can't justify spending so much more on stuff I'm going to cover up. I know they are a bit trimmer, but I still have been more pleased w/an unsnapped WH than the Kiwi Pies & BSRB I have. Just preference I guess
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