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Re: Basically it's Thursday!

Holy crap I could never live where it is colder than here. Stay warm Jess.

Ok, kids are off to school :whew: and I have done a first pass in the basement to move all the stuff away from the suspect wall. I found out the giant workbench is not actually heavy, but was nailed into the "finished" wall. So after I wrestled it away, I could see the bench is probably not worth saving and can likely be chopped into smaller pieces and throw away. It's sad, I was really looking forward to having that ten foot long workspace but not if it may contain mold. It doesn't look moldy but it is apparent it has gotten wet a few times.

Behind it, the pegboard only goes on the top half of the wall, so I could sort of see what's going on there. I can't see where the leak is coming from, because that's behind the pegboard, but I can see it has been very minimal but long ongoing. The framing put up to hold the pegboard isn't even warped or look moldy, but I'm guessing to be safe it should go. The corner where the wall and the floor meet is got a thin line of mildew/mold. So I am guessing we will have to rip the framing/pegboard out, bleach the crap out of that stripe, and then paint over it all with waterproofing whatever it is you would paint on a cinderblock wall in a basement. The only fly in the ointment is there are three outlets on that wall, so we have to work around that, ugh.
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