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Sounds like she's saying that by reading through the test, she already knows what he's capable of doing vs a dr who would have to do it from step 1. She said if she was to do te table test, he would need a hand gesture based on her daily interaction with the child.

OP, personally, I would not be offended but I think a lot of parents are in denial of issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. My cousin has a child that definitely appears to be autistic to a mid level degree. Not aspergers. My aunt teaches severely special needs kids and has tried to talk to her about help for the child, but her and her DH are in total denial. It's really sad to see the problems and know there is help out there if they would admit there are issues.

So yeah, I would appreciate the person who spends the most time with my child giving this info to me, I would not be upset in the least even if you outright DID the test.
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