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Re: Hypothetically if your daycare provider.....

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
As a parent I would most definitely be offended. Yes even enough to change providers. My first question to the provider would be you spend the most time with him, why aren't you working on these things with him? That is the providers job, watch and teach the child. When I had my oldest child in an in home daycare they taught him words, shapes colors and even to recognize letters starting at 2. They would sing songs, have circle time ect. I would remove my children from a place that didn't give them some kind of education.
If the provider wasn't spending time with him she wouldn't see those things. Unless the daycare is "school or preschool" center, I don't think it is the daycare providers job to teach my children. that is my job at home and if they do things like that great. My kids go to daycare to play.
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