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Re: Hypothetically if your daycare provider.....

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
Several hours at home to do these extra things? How many people actually have several hours at home with their children to do these things? I get exactly 1 1/2 hours of time at home with my children during the week. In which I have to cook and feed them dinner and bathe them and get them to bed on time. How in the world would a mom in my situation be able to work with a child needing more work?

While the child is there why not have more one on one time?

The way you replied reads as if you are calling me dumb personally. I find that rude.
I think the real issue though is that this kid may well have some developmental issues going on, and he should be evaluated. If the kid can't hear, for example, or has limited hearing, then spending more one on one time with him (and changing nothing else) isn't going to help him.

From the little that I know about all of this, early intervention is super-important. The earlier any issues are identified and addressed, the better off the child will be long term. This is why there is a real push to have kids evaluated EARLY, so that intervention can start earlier and produce better long term results.

ETA: I am still super not understanding why this mom is not wanting at least an evaluation done! It's free, it's easy, and it's actually fun for the kid too! And, you do not, at least in my state, need a referral from a physician.

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