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I may be the odd man out but I was an occupational therapist (in pediatrics) and then became a sahm/nanny. When something with the child I was watching concerned me I would tell the parents my concern but just say "we are working hard at _______." or "q is having a hard time doing _______ but we are practicing."

They appreciated my input. They also had parents as teachers come once a month. Parents as teachers expected q to do ridiculously hard things and the parents were concerned. They looked to me for answers. I told them what was typical or children at that age and that helped them feel better. Sometimes those tests can be misleading. You have to know which ones to use and which are not great.

As a parent, if my daughter wasnt doing something she should be doing I'd love to know as a parent so that we could work on those things. Especially if I didn't have another frame of reference.
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