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Re: Hypothetically if your daycare provider.....

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
She says her pediatrician refused. She asked at Christmas time, he said "daycare providers don't understand child development". So, she said "O.K" and went home. But, he has another appt tomorrow for a weight check. (he's very small)

So, I want to suggest she at least ask to have his hearing checked. I don't need to send the test home with her. I was just wondering how a parent would feel if I sent home something like that with them.
Rather than suggest why don't you ask if he has had his hearing checked recently? Say something like "has he had a hearing check recently? Sometimes it seems as if he can't hear me well and I just don't know if its selective hearing or if he is actually having trouble hearing." Passive aggressive is usually the best way to go when it comes to parents. Downplaying your knowledge, turning concerns into questions usually works well. For the test- I probably wouldn't even mention it, but if you are really concerned I would approach it as a question. Say something along the lines of "How do you feel like he's doing? Are you worried about his abilities?" something along that lines, maybe even an "He just doesn't seem up to the other kids his age". If she says yes she is worried or has wondered then tell her you have this development test you keep in your files for parents to use if they want to. Ask her is she would like to take it home. I would not tell her where you think he might stand on the test though. let her figure it out herself. If she says no then drop it. You can't make her seek help. Our doc actually requires us to fill out a 8 page development questonnaire that they grade. There are lots of them available on line as well.

Now for the original question- delivery makes all the difference. i wouldn't be offended at the first heads up. After that maybe, although I would still know that you are looking out for my child it can start to become judgy sounding. When I worked in a center we had one teacher that was always telling parents what was normal and not and what they should be doing- she meant well by it but it often mad parents angry.
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