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Originally Posted by debcita429

Ha! I would probably be thinking about that "fishy" smell we sometimes get .

I'm not a fan of pastel pink and generally prefer prints that do not look like something I would get for a little girl. (E.g., I was really disappointed once when I chose a "surprise" print from a maker for a discount and received a my little pony themed pad.) So I wouldn't buy this pad myself, but that's not to say it isn't cute.
Same here... It's not that it's food, it's just my personal preference. I like modern/retro prints to which "cute" doesn't apply. Still I think prints that are any kind of "treat" would sell well (ice cream, chocolates...) so even though I wouldn't buy it I think you'd do well to offer it!

In my marketing class this week I was told the one print or design you must always offer is Camoflauge! Who would have thunk it?
No 2x4 Butt! A non-pad "Pad" fold to put flats in covers and pockets:
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