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Yes, I got them on Amazon. They were a suggested item, and the only one I've ever bitten on.

You slide them onto the ends of the track pieces, put them together, then slide the connector so its centered over the place where the two pieces connect.

They fit more tightly on some pieces than others, and don't fit on the bridges and stuff, so there are still some weak points. My fingers are a little sore after using all 28 connectors, but not too bad. A determined child could get them apart, but it would be more difficult. The boys have taken connected pieces and used them as swords, and they held up well.
One thing you can do that is so cool, and the boys love, is to connect a bunch of ascending/ descending track pieces to make one giant, bumpy hill that goes from the table to the floor. Then they play "The Little Engine That Could" and "I think I can, I think I can" all the way up the hill, not to mention sailing the trains down the hill!

I'm so happy we got these, and just wanted to share. They're so great! I bought two packs if 14 each, but i think I'm gonna get another two. My last construction of track lasted an entire week. Then I took it apart to reconfigure. Our weakest part was the bridge that comes with the Thomas figure 8 track. That thing's a PITB!

Edited for pic of big hill!

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