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Originally Posted by fawnlovesjasper
We are supposed to get "good" at this? Gosh, I have been doing this for 7 years, and I'm still always learning how to make "it" work each day. I think the most important thing in being a good homeschooler is to always be prepared to change everything at any second if it's not working (and to be wise enough to see when it isn't). Every kid is different, and the way they learn is different and can even change from day to day. For example, my kids would loath a Waldorf style education (and from experience they don't like anything literature based), they like videos, color, and even workbooks. Tomorrow though, they may be begging for something that looks a lot like Charlotte Mason.

Just relax and have fun, you are doing fine :-)
Love this! Makes me feel more normal about how things are going.
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