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fat! I think I've popped! I"m just 14 weeks and I wasn't really showing before but all of a sudden I can't stand ANY pressure on my uterus and I have a belly poking out. my maternity pants fit great now maternity shirts still overwhelm me but the pants are awesome(thank god I'm expecting a few more pairs this week because I only have 2 right now). Even my MIL said it yesterday that my belly is just SO much bigger all of a sudden. and I'm trying to put on a few pounds because I'm still down 6 from pre-preg. So Sara and I are headed out for ice cream when she wakes from nap. Otherwise, still nauseous and vomity but the zofran is helping. I'm just happy that I'm feeling and looking a bit bigger! now I dont' look like i've got a gut so much.
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