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Re: Any advice?

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
Mama I don't mean to sound harsh but I really would question a therapist who would tell you to wait to tell him. Maybe a second opinion?
I am maybe downplaying his behavior issues. His BM is bi-polar, and we fear he may be too, he is exhibiting a lot of the behavior. We have been working on that with her. She doesn't think he is ready emotionally yet. His behavior has drastically improved at school, just not at home yet. We just had another baby and think he is acting out a little. I think her thought process is more, one thing at a time type mentality.

I was thinking about bringing up a date to have it done by at our next appointment. I think sometime this summer after school has let out would probably be best. My husband is a teacher, and will be home. That way he doesn't have to be with a caretaker other than one of the two of us while he is dealing with understanding. I fear it will be a process, and might even be best for when I can take the baby and her sister to my mom's for a day or two and just have one on one time with him while he adjusts.

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