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Re: Hypothetically if your daycare provider.....

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Sounds like she's saying that by reading through the test, she already knows what he's capable of doing vs a dr who would have to do it from step 1. She said if she was to do te table test, he would need a hand gesture based on her daily interaction with the child.

OP, personally, I would not be offended but I think a lot of parents are in denial of issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

So yeah, I would appreciate the person who spends the most time with my child giving this info to me, I would not be upset in the least even if you outright DID the test.
a daycare provider spends, likely, 2/3 of a child's awake time with them. They are the person who WILL catch the behaviours/developmental issues that a parent might over look.

A HUGE to the pp above who said parents can sometimes be in denial.

I was a provider to a little girl. She had no words at 22m. She "w" sat even with constant re-direction, she had low muscle tone (so low that she couldn't climb the toddler slide, or onto the couch, or properly hold a cup). But the mom refused to have her evaluated. There was nothing I could do.

I don't know about "qualified" to give the test, but I know that at our PCP, all she does is ask if my child can do xyz. if I say yes, then she moves on. I could lie about all developmental milestones and no one would necessarily notice.
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