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Re: Hypothetically if your daycare provider.....

No, I would not be overly offended.

We get those tests at our pediatrician's office and I think they're very helpful. They usually give them to us an appt in advance so that we can do the activities with the child and see where they are developmentally.

BUT.... if you told me this, and then I talked to my pediatrician and told you that my pediatrician said everything was fine, then I'd probably want you to let it go.

assuming I have a good pediatrician that didn't just brush me off and actually discussed my concerns with me.

the things you listed in the OP don't strike me as any major red flags though. With the exception of the verbal. And unfortunately, some parents don't see verbal red flags. My cousin's child just started services for his speech at 2.5 because his parents (my cousin and her husband) didn't know any better and didn't know he was way way behind. He's in daycare and I sorta have to assume that some daycare provider somewhere brought it up to them. He was evaluated, he qualified and now he's speaking quite a bit.... more. but he has weekly sessions to work on this. It's so important to try and catch these things by the age of 3.
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