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Re: The Car Seat Battle Chronicles

Originally Posted by MarchMama2010 View Post
Car safety is one of those totally non-negotiable things for me. Both kids have gone through that stage, I just glare silently at them, squish them into the seat and off we go. Poor behavior gains them literally nothing - no attention, no amusing reaction from me - nothing. They got over it quickly.
hm. i'll try not responding to it at all. could work.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I'm sorry

DD didn't go through that stage. but, sometimes she flat out doesn't want to be in the car and we have to battle to get into the carseat. I usually try to get a leg clip done first as opposed to getting both arms in and then clip the chest clip. If you can get 1 arm in and clip it to the leg thing, that is easier, in my opinion anyways

usually, I count with her, 1 arm, 2 arm, 3 chest, 4 leg, 5 leg. And we did go through a stage when I'd set her in the car and let her climb into the carseat on her own. That probably made her feel empowered in some way.
yeah, DH told me to try clipping the leg clips first and it does help. I've also tried letting him climb in but as of right now, he just turns forward and tries to sit in it that way. lol!
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