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Re: WWYD? DS hates preschool

He has always said he doesn't like E, one of the boys. E joined a few weeks after school started. He's a younger 3 and as the teacher puts it, kind of a spazz. He isn't mean, in fact he pretty much keeps to himself but he doesn't listen well, doesn't eat at snack/lunch, and the teacher has told me that he is her current challenge. I don't know why DS is so bothered by him because he doesn't do anything to DS. But, from the beginning DS said he didn't like him. I have tried a lot of things but DS still says he doesn't like him. In the beginning I was like, "tough cookies" and didn't think much of it. But now he says that's why he doesn't like school. I sort of think that it has become just the thing he says when we ask, like it's not really a reason but he can see we react to that, or he doesn't have a real reason so he just says that. I dunno. I sort of think it's nuts to pull him out just because he doesn't like the other kid, but if he hates being there so much....
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