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Re: Carseat in low speed accident while not in use

Personally, I would not be comfortable with it. It does sound like the "crash" met Britax's/NHTSA's guidelines to be used again, but I wouldn't be comfortable with putting my children in a seat that I didn't know the exact history of. (Has she ever washed the harness, or soaked it in water? Has she ever flown and checked the seat?)

Britax seats probably were the "safest seat" 10-15 years ago due to some of their technology. Now? They're just as safe as every other seat out there, with a lot more bells and whistles. I'd continue using my own seats, unless if my children had outgrown them. (Also, if your children are tall, Britax seats are outgrown quicker than other seats, and don't offer a lot of RF leg room.)

EDIT - I just re-read your initial post. All car seats pass the same tests. It's a pass/fail system. The 40 dollar Cosco Scerena(sp) is just as safe as the Britax. The Britax has a lot more bells and whistles, but both seats will protect your child in the event of an accident.
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