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Question about treating headlice... again!

I feel like I'm in a bit of a fix here, but I'm not sure. Maybe you can help me make sense of it all. (Sorry long history before question.)

Story: 3 weeks ago my step kids let me know they had lice. It turned out that DD had some too. Very few, very small and some bigger ones with eggs. So, we did all that we had to do. Treatment, comb, cleansing the environment. 3 days straight doing laundry and drying and drying and drying on hot. Quaranteed everything else (now up in the attic in sealed bags for almost 3 weeks). We kept the kids apart for one weekend so that they would not cross contaminate again. Fix it here, fix it there, then bring them together.

Only the Friday I go to pick them up (this was exactly 2 weeks after the first news came), I can see my DSD hair is still full of nits. I ask her why. She says her mom says her hair is too long to comb out and the treatments will take care of everything.

So, the weekend I spent 6 hours (1 hour per kid per day) combing through their hair and nit picking. Each time I seem to still get some more. After two treatments at their mom's house, I still got some just hatched insects in their hair, but not my DDs. There were some eggs on my DDs hair I must have missed. That Monday I washed and dried and dried and dried everything all of our heads came in contact with again (DH and I treated and check our hair daily. We don't have any so far! Cross fingers).

The following weekend (last weekend) when we got them, the DSD and DSS's hair still has some nits in them. I did not comb again. Now I feel like ! I thought if the eggs have not hatched by then, they wouldn't and just left it.

Yesterday, when I went through my DD's hair (I check every 3 days now) she had lots and lots of baby lice again. No eggs that I could see and no adult ones. They looked dead, I took an hour to go inch by inch through her hair and pick out anything that looked suspicious - not an easy feat with a 3 year old! Then I saw a hair of my DSD on her bed as I pulled down all the bedding again for the big wash and dry, dry, dry today.... There was a dead baby lice stuck to it!!!!

So, am I right in assuming that if the X does not comb out their hair, that they won't get rid of the lice? I am right in thinking that I should ask they not come around until they are definitely clean? Can you even ever know if they are clean without combing through the hair with a fine comb? (Literally )

Does anyone have experience getting rid of lice without combing and just treament? She uses Nitfree
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