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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

Originally Posted by kirst View Post
See that is what I had kind of originally planned because my son is super predictable with his #2s....but cloth contains him better and I quickly tired of disposable blow-outs when travelling with him. I found it's actually the opposite that I would do...or even throw a cover over a sposie when I thought he would poo. Nothing like trying to clean up a blow out beside the road or in an aiplane bathroom to totally make you give up sposies.
lol. I CD because I don't want all those chemicals on my boy. AND side benefit- I can't stand poo, seriously- ended the blowouts!! I always held my breath the car ride to daycare because I KNEW DS would blow out before I could drop him off. hehe. They would change him (I'm supposed to at drop off) I think because they didn't want to see me freak out about how much I couldn't stand disposables (that and they're nice people). My friends don't get cloth diapers at all. at. all. People just don't seem to know (or care) about cloth. Or realize human waste isn't supposed to go in landfills. How many people do you know who scrape their sposies?!? I haven't looked recently... does it still say it on the sposie packaging?

And I old skool cloth diaper. I sold off all my systems. I do now venture to fitteds- but if I want dependable, I do prefolds. That's what my mom used on me. I was allergic to disposables as a baby.
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