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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by bea2269 View Post
You are your son's advocate. Never assume that your son's doctor will not retract. I was lucky that she dropped the issue and let go. I would definitely write no retraction on his diapers. You could label them for anyone watching your son. Of course, that doesn't take the place of speaking with them also. Most people don't know not to. It is what was always done. It does lead to adhesions. Kudos for giving your son the choice!
Yes! With my son's first doctor, a family practitioner, she was educated enough to know not to touch the penis.

However when I left that practice I was to a pedi that attempted to "just see how far it would go", thankfully I stopped him before any damage was done.
We did not return to that doctor.

After that we went to a family practice/nurse practitioner, and they never attempted to even look much less touch his penis.

My son is almost ten now and wont allow a doctor or anyone else for that matter look/touch his genitals.
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