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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by roseyroberts View Post
I haven't read through all of this thread...only about 8 pgs. But I did want to say thanks for posting it.
3 years ago we had our son after having 4 girls. DH was set on getting him circ'd for the sole reason that "he is and his dad isnt and his dads looks nasty".
When ds was born at home I thought he perfect. He was perfect. Because we had a HB nobody locally would do it. My midwife said if we wanted it done we would have to travel 3 hours to a,rabi who does it. She explained that the way he did it was less painful, less bloody. Ect..that it took only a couple minutes....while a doc could take up to 30 min.
if every mother had to watch their baby endure such agony there would be far less circumcision going on. The Rabi laughed and joked and at one point even said "ooopps I cut his penis off" all the while my nb was screaming his head off in a way I have never heard a baby scream. They handed him to me and told me to nurse him. He wouldn't nurse all he could do was cry. My heart was broken and I felt like I failed to protect my baby. They injured his legs the way they held him down and for a week at least he cried when he moved his hips. He screamed everytime I changed his diaper and everytime he pee'd for what seemed like forever until it healed. He cried for at least 3 hours non stop after the procedure and I sobbed as well. For months I struggled with myself for allowing that to happen to my son.
And from what I understand...i had a "good, normal" experiance with it.
I have another son coming soon. He will not be circ'd.
Im sorry momma.
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